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Some of my Work

Phoenix Runway is an annual fashion show put on in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2010 I was asked to create the logo, programs and a fashion illustration for the show. The illustration was created into a garment as well as put on t-shirts for the event. I used hands, the children’s hospital logo, in the fabric of the dress because half of the proceeds were donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I also chose the colors based off the logo that was first created. 

While at the Art Institute we put on a Fashion show where I was in charge of all promotions including but not limited to invitations and posters. The theme of the event was the elements water, air, fire and water. Each element stood for a different aspect of the show as well as the different fashions in each segment. 

Essential Organics was a product created Marketing and Development, creating a product from idea to completion. The idea was recycled bottles for hair and body products. This was a concept board created with a 3d rendition of what the product would look like.