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Deadline announced today that NBC has bought a single camera ensemble comedy from internet personality Kelly Oxford. If you haven’t heard of her, get acquainted with her Twitter and Tumblr immediately.

This is a great move for a couple reasons:

  1. NBC has proven that it’s the best of the major networks at adapting comedies from showrunners and stars who started on the web with Community and Parks & Recreation. Remember how poorly CBS handled Shit My Dad Says? NBC is capable of doing the exact opposite with Oxford’s project.
  2. NBC needs a comedy that appeals to all age demographics, including parents. Oxford is a stay-at-home mother of three, and her humor is equal parts mocking the Kardashians and mocking her children. She has the potential to create a show that parents can relate to that won’t alienate the 18-29 demographic. We could see it pairing nicely with Up All Night if that show is still around when Oxford’s show hits airwaves.

(Note: This is all based on the assumption that NBC actually greenlights the show and that the comedy isn’t retooled by studio execs to be about teenage vampire space aliens, which can’t be ruled out.)